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We mentor & educate new moms to parent well so their children thrive.

what we do

It’s normal to feel scared when you find out you’re pregnant. Even if you’ve been planning on your baby for months, there are so many unknowns. And when you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy – or you’re alone – it can be scarier.

Moms come to us for lots of reasons: they weren’t planning to become pregnant, they’re alone without a lot of support, they’re unsure how care for a baby and feel unprepared to parent, or they just need a friend or someone outside of family to talk to.

We’re here to help. If you are pregnant or have a baby under three months old, you can apply for a mentor who will
  • Offer friendship and support without judgment.
  • Meet with you monthly with weekly contact by phone or text.
  • Answer your questions.
  • Share activities and parenting strategies.
  • Help you capture the story of your child’s first year of life.

how we work

We match you with a volunteer mentor who will be by your side throughout your pregnancy and at least until your baby turns one. (We also offer a Year 2 program for moms and mentors who want to stay together for another year.) Our program is completely free.

Step 1 – Complete an application for a mentor.
Step 2 – One by One contacts you to enroll you in our program (look for calls, texts, or emails from us) and matches you with your mentor.
Step 3 – Your mentor contacts you to set up a time for your first meeting.
Your mentor cannot provide transportation, money, or babysitting, but she will be a wonderful friend and support person for you.
  • Your mentor will call or text each week to check in on you and answer questions you have.
  • Your mentor will meet with you each month to review baby growth and development, share parenting and life skills information, and answer your questions.
  • Your mentor will help you put together an interactive baby book including pictures and memories.
  • Your mentor will show you activities for each month of your baby’s first year to help your baby grow on target meeting cognitive, language, motor, emotional, and social development goals.
  • Your mentor will provide you with all of the materials you need for your meetings along with small items for you and your baby.
  • Your mentor will work with you until your baby turns one. At that time, you and your mentor decide if you want to continue in our Year 2 program and/or our Discipleship program.
  • Twice a year (Christmas and Mother’s Day), One by One sends all of our currently enrolled moms gifts to remind you how much you are loved and valued!
  • Your commitments are to respond to your mentor when she texts or calls and meet with her each month.
  • One by One is always here for you. If you have questions or concerns about your mentoring relationship, you can always contact us.

where we are

We serve moms anywhere in the US.

In-Person Mentoring
We currently offer in-person mentoring in the following locations:
  • Mississippi: Columbus, Corinth, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Southaven, Tupelo
  • Tennessee: Brownsville, Dyersburg, Greater Memphis/Shelby County
  • Texas: Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio
  • Kansas: Garden City

In these areas, your mentor (and our office) will let you know about resources, area wide baby showers in your community, and One by One events.

Virtual Mentoring:
If you are not in any of these areas, or if you do not have access to transportation, we can enroll you in our virtual mentoring program.  
  • Your mentor still calls or texts weekly.
  • You will meet monthly with your mentor via FaceTime, Zoom, or any other platform that works for the two of you.
  • One by One will send you quarterly “Blessing Boxes” with all of the materials you need for your meetings along with small items for you and your baby.
  • To enroll in the virtual program, select “my region is not listed” when you complete your application.

Spanish Mentoring:
We have Spanish-speaking mentors available to serve Spanish-speaking moms. Click here to learn more about our Spanish program.

why it matters

Your baby’s development from birth to age three has a huge impact on his or her ability to succeed in school, to go to college, to get a job with a livable wage, and to grow into an adult capable of meeting challenges head on.

Your baby’s early experiences shape his or her brain architecture. Positive, healthy, growth-promoting experiences help develop brains that are efficient and capable of handling challenges. Simple activities like talking/singing/reading to your newborn help your baby’s brain grow, even if he or she is too young to understand the words you’re saying. On the other hand, children who experience abuse, neglect, or high-stress situations often develop brain connections dedicated to fear and anger while connections dedicated to reasoning, learning, and memory don’t develop.

Your One by One mentor can help you learn how to support your baby’s growth in a way to set your baby up for future success.

Other benefits of having a One by One mentor include
  • You have someone to talk to. Even if you have supportive family members, sometimes it helps to talk to an “unbiased” friend.
  • You have someone who encourages you. Days can be long and nights can be longer for new moms. It helps to have someone who encourages you when times are tough and celebrates with you when times are good.
  • You have help bonding with your baby. People assume the mom/baby bond happens easily and immediately, but sometimes it can take a little work. Your mentor can help you adjust to being a new mom.
  • You learn what your baby needs each month and how to meet those needs. Your mentor will give you activities and games to play with your child to help him or her grow on target with cognitive, language, motor, emotional, and social skill development.
  • Your mentor wants to make sure you know how much God loves you and desires a relationship with you. You can sign up for a discipleship program with your mentor while you’re participating in our Year 1 or Year 2 programs or after you complete either program. Your mentor can also help connect you to a local church where you can continue to grow and receive support from others in your area.
  • You won’t be alone. Whatever you’re going through, your One by One mentor is there to help you through it. Parenting can be wonderfully rewarding, but it can be hard. You can do it. Because we’ll be there to help.

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